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Weed Shop Chiang Mai

Weed Shop Chiang Mai

"A pinnacle of Quality and variety"

Shop quality weed or cannabis at Top Genetics, the weed shop in Chiang Mai. We have proven that all our products benefit weed enthusiasts. We stock a wide range of weed products to offer buyers convenience in getting all-in-one products from one shop.

Popular Weed Products In Chiang Mai

Our weed products include Cannabis strains, infused products, accessories, and food. The Cannabis flower, pre-rolls, Hash, CBD oils, and Hemp are all available in unique flavors. Once you taste our products, you will become a fan and want to buy them repeatedly.

Online Cannabis Dispensary Chiang Mai, Thailand

At Top Genetics, we guarantee a great experience and a trusted long-term relationship. Our reliability is evident in everything we do, from the quality of our cannabis products to the efficiency of our staff and delivery services. You can rest assured that you're in good hands with us.  In Chiang Mai, the mantra "smoke weed every day" resonates within a vibrant cannabis culture. Top Genetics Chiang Mai Cannabis Dispensary, a renowned weed shop, offers a unique haven for enthusiasts seeking premium ganja selections. From the aromatic ambiance to knowledgeable staff, these establishments are integral to Chiang Mai's social fabric, where the cannabis community thrives amidst the city's ancient temples.

Weed Flower

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Experience the Cannabis strains to Satisfy your feelings.

We all know cannabis products are legally permissible in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You can get cannabis products from every corner shop if you want to buy weed in Chiang Mai online; the quality, freshness, and satisfying experience matter to avoid hassle or Unreliability.


We discovered the curated collections of Cannabis strains, from the mouth-watering Runtz to the majestic Oreoz. These indica, sativa, and hybrid strains have a delicious taste. Every flavor is crafted with a meticulous blend of all essential ingredients to enhance its taste and effectiveness. The balance in the creation paves the way toward relaxation and satisfaction.

What Makes Our Weed Shop Chiang Mai Stand Out

At Top Genetics, you can enter a satisfying journey where everything is about your needs.

Curated Collection

Flavor Profile

Customer care

Nothing is better than finding the best online Chiang Mai Cannabis shop where all your favorite Cannabis strains and accessories are collected and organized well. At our cannabis dispensary in Chiang Mai, we showcased products according to Chiang Mai people's preferences. Our collection is a perfect match for your requirements. 

We explore a wide range of cannabis Flower strains with amazing flavors. Each strain reminds the mouthwatering taste of foods such as our Vanilla Mac, Confetti OG # 2, Blackberry X Grape, and many others.

Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer care sets a high standard for our shop among competitors. Our staff is available 24/7 to help valuable customers find what they want.


Beyond Chiang Mai: Nationwide Delivery in Thailand


We don't just serve Chiang Mai – we deliver swiftly across Thailand. Experience fast, reliable service wherever you are in the country with us.

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