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Mascotte Slim

Mascotte Slim


Mascotte King Size Organic Cigarette Papers are arguably the finest cigarette papers available worldwide! While the concept of organic materials in cigarette papers isn't groundbreaking, it has recently gained popularity as consumers recognize the positive impact it has on the cigarette's flavor. Mascotte, though not among the first to introduce their organic version, seems to have taken the time to carefully consider the feedback on alternative products. These papers have, without a doubt, become our top choice.


The Mascotte Organic Cigarette papers are crafted from 100% natural fibers sourced from certified organic plants. They stand out for their thinness and soft texture, making the rolling process much smoother. Even their packaging is environmentally conscious, being made from recycled materials!

  • Features:

    • Length: 107 mm
    • Width: 42 mm
    • Per Pack: 33 Leaves
    • Weight: 14 gsm
    • Slow Burning
    • Square Corners
    • Watermarked
    • Recycled Packaging
    • Finest Arabic Gum
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