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Mascotte Pink

Mascotte Pink


Exceptionally lightweight and remarkably slender, the Mascotte Pink King Skins are completely natural and boast an elegant watermark.


Our admiration for these stems from their ability to burn slowly and evenly, even when left unattended, as they extinguish on their own. And, let's not forget, they come in a lovely shade of pink!


Created with meticulous attention to detail and quality, these rolling papers present a unique and fashionable choice for rolling your preferred herbs. The gentle pastel pink hue not only adds an aesthetically pleasing touch but also delivers a mellow, unhurried burn. These ultra-thin Mascotte Pink papers allow the full flavor of your chosen substance to shine, free from any interference. These papers strike a perfect balance between style and functionality, earning them a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate trendy smoking accessories.

  • Features:

    • 34 Papers per Pack
    • Slow Burning
    • Even Burn
    • Stylish Watermark
    • Super Light
    • King Size Slim
    • Pink Papers
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