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Asia 420 United - King Size Paper + Grinder & Tray

Asia 420 United - King Size Paper + Grinder & Tray


All In One Design & Slow burn


  • King size slim 107*44 mm
  • Paper+Filter tips+Tray+Grinder
  • 32 Leaves + 32 Tips per pack
  • Translucent Ultra Thin rolling paper 
  • All natural, additive-free


This King Size Rolling Paper offers convenience with included Tips, Tray, and Grinding plate, making it perfect for outdoor use. Enjoy a hassle-free and relaxing rolling experience.


ASIA 420 UNITED's mission is to unite the voices of Asian 420 brands, creators, and enthusiasts while advocating for the legalization of medical cannabis in Asia. While our next steps remain undetermined, A4U is actively investigating and planning for a decentralized governance model, in line with Thailand's legalization process, with the goal of collective growth. We eagerly anticipate more individuals joining our mission in the future, as we work together to nurture and create a greener planet filled with love and peace.

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